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"It would be difficult to find a band who can put out a wall of sound as full and musical. It is for good reason they are among the most popular bands, regionally and beyond. All are masters of their instruments, but Bovard and Reichley are double threats, because they are also gifted singers."   Dave Thompson, Sun-Gazette Showcase
"A howlin', screamin' blues band that makes you stand up and pay attention ..."   Wayne Laepple, The Daily Item
"I have to admit, the first time I ventured out to listen to The Blind Chitlin Kahunas, I did so based solely on the intrigue of their name. At the end of their first set I was a devoted fan. The Blind Chitlin Kahunas are to the blues scene what a lime is to a gin and tonic. They are ever-vigilant in their commitment to 'rock out' the blues, yet are unabashedly true to the art form."   Rob Steele, Executive Director, Community Arts Center
"The Kahunas bring a tasteful blend of well-known covers, restored gems and clever originals to each of their shows. Whether you're into intent listening or cutting the rug, the band pleases. Presently a foursome, the Kahunas offer blazing guitar licks & earthy vocals by the namesake Kahuna, Chris Bovard, a solid groove & soulful vocals by bass man Kimbo Reichley, drummer extraordinaire, the highly regarded Joel Vincent, and Webb Kline, who is all over the 88s. Give yourself a gift and attend a Kahunas show whenever you can!"   Bonnie Tallman, BC Productions Artist Management Group & The Billtown Blues Association
"This energetic band serves up blues in classic style featuring both original material and blues standards. Their impressive musicianship and solid vocals make this band one of the brightest lights on the Pennsylvania blues scene."   George Graham, WVIA FM & TV
"The Blind Chitlin Kahunas is, indeed, a marvelous concoction of raw power with a rich, full-flavored mix of blues, jazz and funk."   Robert M. Sides Music Center

"The Kahunas are back, with a new lineup and a sound that is tighter and more “right on the money” than I’ve heard the band in some time. Chris Bovard on guitars & vocals, Kimbo Reichley on bass & vocals, Joel B Vincent on drums & vocals, and Webb Kline on keyboards make up the core of the band. The presence of a number of special guests is a real refreshing touch. With the exception of Watered Down Whiskey, the opening track, which was written by Bovard and C. Phillips, all songs are written by the band as a whole. The disc is smooth as silk, flowing effortlessly. The arrangements are flawless and the addition of not only keyboards, but a horn section as well is like the cherry on the ice cream sundae. This is a well thought out piece of work, every man in his place and running like a well-oiled machine. Diverse, flawlessly played and in top form, The Blind Chitlin Kahunas are better than ever. These boys came to play and it shows. Essentially blues with touches that sound as if they may have made a stop in the islands and a tinge of jazz where it will do the most good, This Old Guitar is solid. This is hot and every bit the real deal. Seldom do I find myself at a loss for words, but this one has left me speechless. ‘Nuff said, this one’s a keeper. This [CD] belongs in the collection of all of our readers, especially if they live in the area. Support homegrown music. It’s not all that often that I get to say of a local band that it doesn’t get any better than this!"   Bill Wilson, Billtown Blues Notes
"This is a fantastic CD by a talented and dedicated band, and an excellent follow-up to their live CD. You know how at a festival, while they are changing the stage, the soundman puts on a CD and you stop and listen, then go ask who it is and hope you remember long enough to pick up a copy? Many years ago it might have been the Boneshakers, or more recently Derek Trucks or Tommy Castro. I'm telling you, this will be that CD for the next couple of summers. While I enjoyed all the tunes, whether super-bluesy like Watered Down Whiskey, outright fun, like BBQ, or totally funky like the Funk Brothers tribute, the final track (and lone instrumental) was especially moving to me. A very nice close. Keep it up, Kahunas!"   Karl Cishek,
"In the case of The Blind Chitlin Kahunas, you have a band fronted by a guitarist who merits international acclaim. Chris Bovard is the heir apparent to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Between Bovard’s articulation and his tone, he should be way more in-demand. Negligence of this star speaks ill of a music industry tripping over “American Karaoke” and other attention deficit disorders. Webb Kline is a perfect keyboardist, with warm fuzzy B3 organ. Joel Vincent shines on drums. His riffing on “A Tribute to the Funk Brothers” is spot on. The ever-reliable Kimbo Reichley sings and plays excellently. He’s one of the best, most called-upon bassists in the region. Bovard’s vocals are passionate. He’s also the most engaging songwriter of the group. I’m not even a whiskey drinker, but I felt genuine empathy with the guy in “Watered Down Whiskey.”   Goth Reviews,

"The Kahunas, you ask?  John L. Doan here, from the Academy Corners Blues Committee. I can sum the question up short and sweet. I've been in love with The Blind Chitlin Kahunas for over 10 years. I have hosted over 70 national touring rhythm & blues acts at The Barn (Addison, NY) and other venues, with bands and musicians from Tower Of Power to John Hammond, and I have yet to find a band I like more. No other band has graced my stages more than the Kahunas. They are, hands down, my FAVORITE blues / soul / funk band!!"   John L. Doan, Academy Corners Blues Committee
"As a bar owner and music lover, I'm always looking for the perfect combination between great music, entertainment and, of course, making a profit. If i had to sum up The Blind Chitlin Kahunas in one word, it would be profit! Everyone makes out when the Kahunas come to play at Kimball's. Our patrons have plenty of choices as to what they will do with their time and I am humbled every moment one of them steps through our door ... so I feel an obligation to bring them the very best music & entertainment that I possibly can, and the Kahunas always deliver. At the end of the night, as I watch our satisfied costumers leaving the bar with smiles on their faces (and talking about the show they just saw), I know they are happy with their decision to come to my establishment and listen to this wicked blues band ... and I know they'll be back, the next time the Kahunas are in the house. If you've ever seen the Kahunas, you know they love what they do, and they profit by not only looking out over a packed house and watching the crowd cheer and dance and beg for more ... but I happily pay them well, too.  What more could a band ask for?  In this business, money isn't everything ... but it sure is nice at the end of the night to have made a profit from something so exciting & cool as The Blind Chitlin Kahunas."   Eric Filipkowski, Kimball's Pub
"The Blind Chitlin Kahunas are a blues tour de force - loud, full and fleshy; a dump truck full of gritty, funky, soulful R&B, with just enough jam to induce a mild flashback. The songwriting is as solid as it comes, and the musicianship is outstanding, even otherworldly at times. As a club owner in the town from which they hail, I have had the pleasure of often hiring their services over the years. Now with their new found international following, it is nice to see the band garnering the praise, and reveling in the accolades, that anyone that knows them, has known they've deserved from the onset."   Steve Koch, Bullfrog Brewery
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